Sharing resources on Twitter

When it comes to links and resources I’m a bit of a hoarder.  There is already a Resources page on the Quoll Writer site but after the site redesign it’s now a little hard to find and I don’t often update it.

However in my travails across the wide internet plains I come across interesting links, videos, articles and images that I think other people might find inspiring or informative.  So to circumvent the Resources page issue I’m going to start sharing this grab bag of usefulness on Twitter.  It’ll only be a link/image/video a day, maybe two or three if I strike a particularly bountiful lode but the volume will remain low.

Note: I’ll never provide a resources that I have an affiliation with or will benefit from, i.e. an Amazon affiliate purchase link.  These will be purely links I think are interesting but of course your interest mileage will vary.

But there’s a problem, you might want to follow the QW Twitter account for updates about QW itself but not want to have your feed infected with my personal idea of awesome.  Also you’ll probably want to know what kind of link it is before you click on it.

To that end, each link I’ll share will have a prefix.  That way you can add the prefix as words to mute to filter the types of links you are interested in.

The prefixes will be (the colon isn’t part of the prefix but will be there to delineate the end of the prefix, Twitter says they aren’t needed for muting):

qwlink: -> general links about a potentially interesting subject, usually from wikipedia

qwimage: -> an interesting image

qwprompt: -> a resource for writing prompts

qwvideo: -> videos, nearly always on Youtube about writing or the writing process, there will be NO cat videos or gangnam style, my music taste is my own and will remain that way

qwriting: -> articles about writing, which can include tips, quotes, concepts and so on

qwword: -> interesting English words

Here’s the list without the descriptions for easy cut/n/paste into the Twitter mute function.







Unfortunately, Twitter only allows you to mute one word/term at a time.  If you think it should be just a single prefix so you can mute them all (I really don’t want to annoy you with these links) then let me know.  I’m open to ideas.


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