QWv3 – Dev blog 26

Send help! I’m currently stuck in compiler hell! My original development plan was to produce the alpha version then move onto the warm-ups viewer then the editor mode stuff then, finally, the language strings editors. However, in a moment of law studies induced delirium (it’s the excuse I’m sticking with), I bypassed the warm-ups viewer … Continue reading QWv3 – Dev blog 26

Using scalable SVG in JavaFX

QWv3 will allow the user to scale the interface by using Ctrl+= and Ctrl+-. Of course, if the interface uses standard image types such as .png files then this won’t scale the images without some kind of intervention (-fx-scale-x, -fx-scale-y manipulation) and if it does scale the images then they are likely to become blurry. … Continue reading Using scalable SVG in JavaFX

JavaFX beware of spaces in style classes

So here’s a trap I got caught out by today. When adding a style class to a JavaFX Node you would do the following: However, JavaFX, when it is looking to apply styles, treats each entry in the style class list as being its own style class. In short, will produce different results to: JavaFX … Continue reading JavaFX beware of spaces in style classes