QWv3 – Dev blog 32

So the beta is going well. For those who care about such things, it is up to version 15. I’m getting very few error reports now so I think all the “obvious” issues have been taken care of. I have also made the beta available through the QW website. As ever, my thanks to all of you who have suffered through the initial versions of the beta!

I now need to work on the formal testing, that is, running a set of pre-defined tests against the user interface. The reason to do this is to ensure that all functionality works and that the edge cases are covered. However I’ve hit a rather large snafu, a few years back I decided to use a free online service for recording tests and test results. It was called “Lean Testing”. It was a pretty good service and it did what I needed it to do. I haven’t been back into the site for about a year though and the other day I discovered that the website, the service and all of my tests and test history is gone. I had over 500 tests on the Lean Testing site and they no longer exist. While this is a case of buyer beware, I am irritated that they didn’t provide ANY notification to me that this was going to happen and the leantesting.com website now redirects to some shady hiretesters site. Presumably either the domain registration expired and the name was snapped up or they sold the business. Either way, there was no notification to me that all of my work was going to disappear. So I’d like to say a big FU to the developers of leantesting.com and I’ll be sure to keep away from any products the developers create in the future. Yes, I could have downloaded the tests and I would have if I had known that the service was going to disappear, but part of the reason you use an online service is so that you DON’T have to go through that. At least some warning would have been nice.

Needless to say this leaves me with a lot of work to do. I need to re-create the entire test suite from scratch and it’s going to take some time. QW will therefore stay in beta until I’ve done the formal testing. I’m currently trying out some GUI test applications but they all suffer from the same issue, namely that they are position and pixel dependent, if your component/window/widget etc appears in a slightly different place then the test fails.

The future

For the next major release of QW, i.e. version 3.1 I’m going to be focussing on two things:

  • allowing cloud saves of project and asset information
  • supporting “skins/look-n-feels” for the interface

The cloud saves will be a paid for feature that allows users to store their projects in “the cloud”. I intend to use the Amazon S3 service which allows for relatively cheap cloud storage. Payment will be provided by becoming a Patron for QW via Patreon.

The rough pricing structure will be as follows:

$1/month allows for storage of

  • 1 project
  • 10 backups
  • the Asset definitions
  • Editor information including messages
  • Asset files

$5/month will allow for 5 projects, 10 backups each and the other information to be stored.

$10/month will allow for 10 projects, 20 backups each and other information.

$20/month will allow for unlimited projects, 50 backups each.

Of course these are just a rough outline and are subject to change. Nothing within the QW app will change, you will still be able to store your projects wherever you want, this will just be something on top that allows for cloud storage but of course it is a service that will need to be paid for. And, unlike Lean Testing, I will inform users that their data might be going away long before it does.

The other major feature I want to add is support for different skins/looks-n-feels, whereby someone will be able to produce their own stylesheets for QW to style the interface. That won’t be a difficult thing to do but it will be time consuming since I’ll have to try and document all the components and the styles they have.

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