QWv3 – Dev blog 31 – new beta version

A new version of the beta is out.

The links for it are below, however if you have the previous beta already installed then it should detect the new version when you start QW and will download it for you. One thing to note however is that it will also try and open/run the file as well.

macOS- https://quollwriter.com/download/mac

Note: for Linux I’m now creating a .deb file.

Linux – https://quollwriter.com/download/linux

Windows – https://quollwriter.com/download/windows

Changes/New Features

So what’s new? Note: I haven’t put these changes into the online updates page, it’s fairly pointless to do so and can be confusing for users since the pool of people trying the beta is small. However these changes are listed in the “What’s new in this version” in QW itself.

  • Fixed a number of issues relating to the Import.
  • Fixed a couple of issues relating to the detection and download of User Interface language files.
  • Added the ability to configure what controls are displayed on the viewer header.
  • Added a new option to automatically enable Night Mode for a certain period in a day. The time selection controls are a little low rent but there is no good time selection component available for JavaFX and I’m not going to write one just for a minor feature.
  • The text properties are now Night Mode aware and will update themselves accordingly. The text/background colors will default to those used by the Night Mode skin. I’ve done it this way rather than introducing new sets of properties to prevent the user from having to manage 4 different sets, also in Night Mode you want the colors to change, you don’t really want the font to change.

As always all comments, feedback and bugs are most welcome!


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