QWv3 – I’m back…again

Hello again! I’m back, again! The second trimester of my law degree is now complete and it is four months until the second year starts. Which means I have quite a lot of time to get v3 finished.

I found the second trimester to be pretty stressful and to keep things manageable I only did thirty of the required forty credit points. To ensure that I get to the required eighty credit points by the end of the year (because otherwise certain things will be locked away from me next year) I will be doing another elective in the next trimester for ten credit points. Having looked at the course profile this morning it doesn’t look like it will be too onerous or stressful, thankfully. The course is being run by an academic that I really liked from the first trimester and I already have the required textbook, and it’s an online course, so that’s a win-win-win!

Anyway, back to QW. The alpha has gone well and I’m indebted to Rich who has done great work with testing on Linux, a platform I no longer have access to now my son using my laptop.

I’ll now be back onto version 3 development nearly full time. However, I’ve found I have a real love of the courtroom (I really enjoyed my moot) so I’ll be trying to spend one day a week down at the Brisbane courts observing cases, judges and advocates.

I’ll update again soon.

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