QWv3 – Dev blog 25

The Alpha approaches! I’m finally at a point where I think, soon, I can release the alpha to an unsuspecting world. At the moment I’m, essentially, just bug fixing. There are some major-ish features that need to be fixed but once they are done I can release the alpha. It’s important to note that it will be an alpha, there will be lots of bugs and many things will need tweaking. I have a long list of tweaks that need to be made but they are small things that don’t affect the functionality.

This morning I have been testing on Linux and QWv3 works well on an old, crappy laptop that I’m using for Uni. I tried testing on a virtual machine but it runs so slowly it’s not worth the effort. The installer creation tool I use, install4j, will allow me to create .deb and .rpm packages. Given what I know about Linux, some enterprising soul will probably fill in the gaps for other distribution types, for example I know someone has created a Wine package for QW.

Today I’m going to do some testing on macOS. I have an old, crappy Mac mini sitting on my desk that I currently use as a charger for my iPad. I’ve tested v3 on it before and it ran well, so hopefully it will again.

I know I’ve asked this before and I’ve kept a record of those who responded, but if you want to help with testing the v3 alpha drop me a line at gary @ quollwriter.com. I will be putting out the alpha soon, hopefully in a few days. However please note that I also return to Uni in about a week so development will slow down after that and will grind to a halt later in the trimester. After the next trimester I have a long break before the start of the next Uni year and I am planning to get v3 finished by then.

3 thoughts on “QWv3 – Dev blog 25

  1. alucardnoir

    Ever since I moved to Linux full time in March of last year I’ve been trying to find a linux native alternative to Quoll writer and I have not had any success. The only thing even remotely similar is writemonkey 3.2 and that’s having some horrid interface and font resizing issues that make in close to unusable. At least on Linux that is, Windows and Mac are probably fine. Here’s hoping the new Quoll will be what us Linux users have been looking for.

  2. minute

    Just writing to say thanks so much for all you do with QuollWriter! I’ve actually been using it to maintain my current D&D campaign and other one-shots. The ability to track characters and link them to locations has been a lifesaver.

  3. I was going to suggest AppImage as packaging for Linux (it runs on every single distro), but I’ve read the documentation and it seems super complicated. xD
    DEBs and RPMs are more than enough anyway. xD

    I would love to try the new version on Linux. 8D

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