QWv3 – I’m back

Hello, hello, hello! I’m back from my hiatus. First my apologies to everyone who I haven’t contacted recently. I do have a reason.

In February I started a law degree and it’s been something of a wild ride. I had two aims going into my studies. First to put as much effort into the course as I could and see what results I might achieve, second to see whether law is the right path for me. I’m happy to report that now, at the end of the trimester, my results seem to have been good, at least I think I’ve passed my courses, and I think law is right for me so I’ll be continuing on into the future. As a side note, I’ve been very impressed with Griffith University (where I’m studying), the staff there really do care about the students and want them to do well, the law course is well structured (if feeling a little rushed at times) and well taught. I would gladly recommend the law course to others. But I digress.

Initially when I started the degree I kept working on QWv3 but, since I was studying full-time, I had to do everything at night and was getting very tired. As the need to complete assessments ramped up my work on v3 ramped down. Version 3 has been a long and frustrating path and I’ve needed a break from development for a while. My studies gave me that break. The alpha version of v3 is also nearly ready for release and I didn’t want to do that while I’m studying. Fixing bugs, improving things and creating new releases while doing a full-time law degree is not sustainable and wouldn’t be fair to the brave souls who were trying it out.

But, I completed my last exam yesterday and I now have time, before trimester 2 starts in mid-July, to get things finished.

Watch this space, I’ll be doing more updates soon.

1 thought on “QWv3 – I’m back

  1. Hi,
    I can’t wait to see the Quoll V3 out.
    Right now, Quoll is too “white” and things are writing too small for my poor eyes (I am eye sensitive) and I saw you just allowed more personnalisation.
    Thank you for your work !

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