Is Quoll Writer looking psychedelic? It’s not you!

I’ve had reports from a few users of QW that it sometimes goes nuts and starts looking, for want of a better word, trippy.  That is multiple parts of the user interface appear to overlap others.  It’s ok, no one is spiking your tea with magic mushrooms.  It’s something far more mundane.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture but the image below is the sort of thing I mean.



I believe this issue relates to the D3D system on Windows.  For whatever reason Java isn’t playing well with D3D.

The fix is a little arcane but seems to work, just follow the steps below (my thanks to Gillian for working this out).

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Go to System
  • Click Advanced System Settings 
  • Click Environment Variables under the Advanced tab
  • Click New to create the variable (in the User variables section) and fill in the following fields:Variable name: J2D_D3D

    Variable value: false

  • Click OK

Now the steps to get to the System Properties are for pre-Windows 10.  In Windows 10 in the Control Panel search box you can enter Environment and then click Edit environment variables for your account to skip straight to the fourth step.

You then restart QW and it should stop the hippy-trippy effect.

I am going to do some testing and add the variable to the standard QW build to see if that has any negative effects.  i.e. can I add it without messing anything up.

Update (21/Sep/2018):

I have also been told (thanks Marrie!) that if you disable the Aero Glass effect, in Windows of course, then it might solve the problem.  See here for details on how to disable the effect.


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