Moving your Quoll Writer projects to a new computer

One question I’m frequently asked is “I’ve had to change computer, how do I move my projects to my computer?”  Variations also include, “I’ve a new hard drive” and “I’ve had to restore my computer”.

Quoll Writer stores your projects on your local hard drive.  I have been asked about providing an online “cloud-like” service where your projects are stored in the ether somewhere but I’ve never gone that route for a few reasons, mostly because it’s very difficult to do technically and more importantly I would have to charge users for the service.

I do recommend you use some sort of back-up service for your projects however.  There are a multitude of these around, many of them free, some examples include:

There are many more, just do a Google search for “free online backups” or “free file syncing” or similar.  For file syncing apps you can usually just move your QW projects to their syncing folder and then you’re done.  If you have a hard drive failure or have to restore your computer you then just re-download the projects.  If you aren’t using a backups service of some kind go now and set one up, I can wait, this is a blog post I’m not really here.

All done?  Good, now you have some protection from hard drive failures, Cthulhu, Mothra and so on.

But what about if you move to a new computer?  In that case all you need to do is tell QW where your projects are now and it will do the rest.  It’s easy to do, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Projects window

The Projects window lists all your projects.  If you are currently in a project window just press “Ctrl+O” or go to the Project menu (the cog in the top right hand corner) and select “Open Project”.

Step 2: Open the “Find your Projects” popup

In the Projects window open the menu (again the cog in the top right hand corner) and select “Find your Projects”.  You’ll see the following popup.


Use this popup to find your projects


Step 3: Find the folder where your projects are now

Find the folder where your projects are now, then click “Find”.  QW will scan the folder and sub-folders looking for projects, if it finds any it will add them to the Projects window.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have all your projects.

The same process can be used if you just transfer the projects via a USB stick or direct transfer between the old and new machines.



2 thoughts on “Moving your Quoll Writer projects to a new computer

  1. This is really useful, I just have one question. I used my laptop to start a project while away from home, and now I want to continue it on my PC. I created a ‘New type of object’ on the left tab awhile I was writing. Then I tried moving the project from the laptop to the PC and the object doesn’t appear. I created a new object on PC version with the same name and descriptions but it doesn’t find anything. How do I move this ‘objects’?

    • Hi, I’m really sorry, I missed this comment. Been very busy fixing issues with the QW User Interface language stuff. To make the objects available on another PC you’ll have to move file:


      into the folder:


      on the new PC.

      However this will cause your projects to look strange since that file contains information about your objects and your projects and, of course, they may not be in the same place on your other PC.

      This is basically a design mistake I made with the object information. I wanted the objects to be available to all projects but I shouldn’t really have put them in the same place as your project information. This is something I’ll correct in a future version (probably 2.6.12), that is, I’ll separate out the object information and you’ll be able to transfer it between machines.

      Hope that answers the question, if not or you have others please just let me know. I don’t always check the blog, email may be a better bet or send a support request through QW itself.

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