Version 2.5 is out now and looking to the future

Sorry for the delay in posting this, it was a difficult, tedious release and combined with some personal issues I’ve had to deal with this has fallen off of my radar.

But version 2.5 (and a small bug fix release, 2.5.1) is out now and it brings writing Targets and new and revamped Charts.  It also includes a number of smaller features that users have requested, such as:

  • The writing area background color and text color can now be changed in normal mode.
  • There is a new full screen mode option to always have the current word count and time visible (in the bottom left hand corner).
  • Some new keyboard shortcuts have been added.
  • The color selector has been reworked to support direct RGB entry and to be more flexible and easier to use.

See the release notes for full details:

The future

The past few major releases of QW have been difficult affairs.  They have taken too long to develop and test for what they deliver.  This release has skewed this perception somewhat due to a number of major changes to the codebase and testing methodology, for example I started using Leantesting in this release and there has been a learning/usage curve with that.  Regardless, the trend of past releases has shown me that I need to change the way I do things and focus on smaller releases that I can push out the door much faster.

With that in mind future releases will be smaller and released more frequently.  Of course this means that they will also contain less “new”.  I’m currently working out just how small or large they should be, my intuition tells me its “just enough”.  Having to upgrade because of a minor feature that you never use is not the best use of your time (or the QW website’s bandwidth) but by being more nimble, shorter development cycles should be beneficial for everyone, not least me who needs to find more time to write.


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