Just installed QW (version 2.4.1) and it won’t run?

If you’ve just installed QW and it won’t run please accept my apologies, due to a confluence of annoying circumstances, the .exe file for version 2.4.1 won’t actually run.  I’ve now corrected the problem but it will mean you’ll have to download the new version and reinstall (you can install over the top, no need to uninstall).  Again my apologies and a pox of “other people’s software” that caused this.

Due to a major bug that prevented some people’s Editors dbs from opening I had to rush out a new version to correct it but due to a mismatch in how Java 32bit and 64bit versions work it meant that the new .exe just won’t run.  I didn’t think this would be a problem and thus followed my normal build procedure which always works.

So again, if QW just won’t start for you, please download and install again and accept my apologies for wasting your time and bandwidth.

2 thoughts on “Just installed QW (version 2.4.1) and it won’t run?

  1. casd57

    2.4.1 isn’t word counting…says null

  2. casd57

    Ok restarting program fixed it…Great product keep up the great work…

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